Now with access to more than 1 million Healthcare Providers, we routinely penetrate over 82% of claims with average savings in the area of 25%. 

Our Wrap PPO Network combines with (or “wraps around”) your selected Primary PPO network enabling maximum benefits and savings when your members’ claims fall outside your Primary PPO. We continually strive to provide the most extensive PPO wrap network coverage in the country, and deliver timely results through a single-source solution.


In adjunct to our Wrap Network strategy, we can include our Negotiations program on an automated referral basis. Assuming our Wrap program is the last attempt at network reductions, all claims that remain out-of-network can be immediately assigned to one of our expert negotiators. Once in their hands, they will contact the provider to attempt a settlement on the claim. Of course, customized parameters are set upfront to accommodate clients’ specific needs such as the implementation of negotiation thresholds: for example “a minimum negotiated discount of X%”.

On average, we negotiate successful savings outcomes on over 50% of the cases we attempt, with average savings of ~22%.