Diagnostic radiology is the fastest growing component of medical expense.

  • 20% growth rate
  • 2x faster than prescription drugs and faster than overall healthcare spending
  • Upwards of 10%+ of Total Medical Spend
  • $100 Billion in annual spend on imaging in the U.S.* (expected to double in next four years)

Our Radiology Network & Concierge Service is a system set up by Relevant Healthcare to better manage the cost and service of highly utilized and expensive diagnostic procedures such as MRI, CT, Arthrograms, CTA, MRA,  and P.E.T./CT Scans. Through our actively managed Radiology Network, we direct patients to highly credentialed imaging facilities at greatly reduced rates and pass these savings on to you. Relevant includes an executive management team and scheduling department with a combined experience of over 250,000 diagnostic claims managed which resulted in more than $250 million in savings Nationwide Coverage.

Due to our innovative contracting strategy with our network providers, Relevant is able provide our facility partners with a more valuable relationship as compared to the standard network relationships that exist today.  As a result, we can secure a more aggressive rate schedule and greater savings for our clients, while at the same time delivering higher service levels to members.

Advanced radiology procedures continuing to grow in cost and utilization.  Most health plans experience anywhere from 10-13% of total membership having one of these studies ordered on an annual basis.

The key highlights to this program are as follows:

  • NO FEES!!  This program is 100% Free to implement and utilize.  No PEPM, Percentage of Savings, implementation or per bill fees what-so-ever
  • Average diagnostic test savings of 50% per procedure, or upwards of $400 per test. Full Patient and Physician Concierge Service to ensure efficiency, accuracy, convenience and a positive patient experience
  • A quality guarantee on all radiological images ordered through Relevant Healthcare’s program


What is a Radiology Network & Concierge Service?
Our Radiology Network & Concierge Service is a system set up by Relevant Healthcare to better manage the cost and service of highly utilized and expensive procedures such as MRI, CT, and  P.E.T. Scans for the group health and Workers’ Compensation industries.

What is ‘Concierge Service’?
For every referral received, a Relevant Healthcare Care Coordinator will work with the patient and the patient’s treating physician to  A.  secure a copy of the prescription as final QA of the official prescription for the test.  B. perform Patient Pre-Screen to ensure placement of the patient in the proper facility.  C.  utilize mapping software to locate most convenient location to patient.  D.  reminder call to patient the night before the test.  E.  provide driving directions and test preparation. E.  send appointment notification to treating physician and pre-cert nurse.  G.  secure the medical report and proactively send to the ordering physician and pre-cert nurse if applicable.

Why utilize a program like this for my group health benefits program?
Group health payers can experience up to 40% savings on these highly utilized exams while actually increasing the level of service to their claimants/employees.  Average savings nationwide per test is $500. A standard company should find that 13+% of total lives will need an MRI/CT or P.E.T. each year.  Therefore, a 5,000 life company could save as much as $325,000.00 per year!  Referrals can be made by phone, web, fax, e-mail, or by having the physician call. The average time on the phone for a referral is only 3 minutes! For 3 minutes of the member or physician’s time, Relevant Healthcare will save you $400. These savings are unparalleled.

How is Relevant Healthcare able to do this?
Relevant Healthcare has set up an actively managed Diagnostic Network of highly credentialed diagnostic facilities.  We are able to direct patients to their centers at greatly reduced rates and guarantee a more rapid reimbursement. We in turn pass these savings on to our clients.  We’ve set up a win-win-win scenario.  The centers see patients that they would not normally receive, the payers pay less for the same exact tests, and the patient has the convenience of choosing their own facility that guarantees quality. Everyone wins.

How much does your service cost?
Nothing.  No “per-member/per-month” fees, no percentage of savings fees and no access fees. Our services are absolutely FREE. You simply pay a flat, global fee for the technical and professional components of the imaging test.  The savings we capture for the payer are concrete bottom line savings.

How do we get started?
Instruct clients or members that you would like them to utilize the Relevant Healthcare Radiology Benefit Management program. Relevant Healthcare will take care of the implementation, help educate adjusters/employees on the benefits of the services and how to use them.   Relevant Healthcare then provides all the coordination of these tests including, intake, prescreening, offering directions to the facility, report procurement, and billing. Simply give us a call and we can arrange for a 30 minute meeting to go over the program in detail.  If you can spare 30 minutes, you will learn how to bring these immense, free savings to your clients or group!

How many facilities are in Relevant Healthcare’s nationwide network?
Approximately 1100 facilities in 32 states.  Relevant is also an expert in building free standing networks for our clients in areas where we may not currently have full coverage

What diagnostic tests can be scheduled through Relevant Healthcare?
MRI  –  MRA  –  CT Scans  –  P.E.T. Scans  – Arthrograms  –  CTA

How long does it take to receive the medical report once the test is scheduled?
The average turn-around time from scheduling the exam to the medical report in-hand is 4.5 days.


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