The Problem:

  • By 2024, nearly 1 in every 3 members of a health plan will have diabetes

  • A diabetic is diagnosed every 30 seconds

  • 80% of all claims over $250,000 involve diabetics

Diabetic populations pose a wide array of challenging issues including but not limited to the following:

  • Non-Diabetic patients cost $2,864 per year vs Diabetic patients cost $9,975 per year
  • Of all U.S. health care claims that exceed $250,000 annually, 80% involve diabetics.
  • Diabetes Leads to Serious Complications. In 2009, 19% of all hospitalizations (114,977) were related to diabetes:
  • 2,567 hospitalizations for Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • 1,222 lower extremity amputations
  • 8,446 hospitalized for stroke
  • 39,332 hospitalized with ischemic heart disease
  • 23,328 hospitalized with congestive heart failure
  • 15,605 Emergency Room visits
  • Employers face lost productivity with chronically ill employees
  • Health care dollars sky rocket
  • Employees with chronic conditions that are unengaged or noncompliant
  • The CDC provided the following stats:
  • Total: 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the population have diabetes
  • Diagnosed:21.0 million people
  • Undiagnosed:8.1 million people ( 27.8% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed)

Genesis Monitor

  • What if chronic disease managers could know – in real time – whether their diabetic patients are testing their glucose levels as instructed and also know the results of their daily tests?!
  • What if somehow that information could generate automatic log books and reports that outline target ranges and compliance for every patient concurrently and over time?!
  • And what if you could set up automatic alerts and “watch lists” for patients whose tests fall outside of the acceptable range?!

Relevant’s Blood Glucose Monitoring Program can provide these benefits and more. Through a partnership with Genesis Health Technologies, Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment is now offering a program that is truly a “game changer” for any chronic case management or disease management program dealing with diabetic members. Our technology allows case managers real-time, instant access to patients’ glucose levels providing accurate and actionable information at their fingertips. Some highlights include:

  • Accurately tests glucose levels and automatically sends results (via an included FREE cellular connection) immediately to patient’s secure, FDA approved website, improving accuracy over self-reporting
  • Test results are saved by date, time, reading and whether it was pre/post meal or a general read
  • Data can be shared and accessed by
    – Treating physicians
    – Case managers
    – The patient
    – Other care givers or family members
  • Immediate results of reads are sent securely via text(s) and email(s) to patient designated receiver(s)
  • Event Based Calls can be made to patients due to a reading that is outside predetermined, acceptable ranges
  • Devices are all pre-programmed, so testing member needs only to charge the meter and begin use
  • For Patient convenience, supplies are sent directly to patients on a quarterly basis – BASED ON USAGE to avoid over purchasing.
    – Meters, Mail Ordered supplies, Nurse assistance for compliance and target range calls, reporting, secure web portal, targeted messaging, etc. – NO COST

Case Management tools include:

  • Case managers have access to all patients via a single website
  • Patient Summary Reports
  • Patient Logbooks
  • Watch List
  • Glucose Compliance Report
  • Glucose Target Range Report
  • Event Based Notifications
  • Participation Reports
  • Utilization Report

Also, due to the fact all readings are recorded, this program eliminates test strip waste due to non-compliant patients. (It is estimated that approximately 65% of all test strips go unused!)
[Example of the many signs found all over the US]

Any day on the eBay website, one can find upwards thousands of listings by individuals selling their un-used test strips purchased by their health plans!

If the patient only tests once/day, when their supply gets low, they will automatically be sent a three month supply – enough strips to cover their average amount of testing. No waste. The “true savings” over the longer term as a result of the increased Engagement within the Plan’s disease management programs are reduced hospitalizations, less frequent ER visits, avoidance of other disease states, less prescribed pharmaceuticals, and overall healthier members!


The following are the primary objectives of Relevant’ Diabetic Management program:

  • Control and decrease employer healthcare dollars
  • Engage members of diabetic population in order to promote self-management and compliance
  • Increase compliance by decreasing demand on patients/members. For example, with the electronic meter, test results are auto populated to the patient’s online account, eliminating the time and work associated with keeping a traditional log book.
  • Promote healthier, happier, and more productive employees thus creating value for both employee and employer
  • Decrease incidence of exacerbation of chronic illness into acute episodes
  • Decrease waste by providing additional supplies based on actual usage
  • Create a value added revenue stream
  • Provide a seamless, comprehensive Diabetes Management and Implementation Program to employers
  • Accurately track compliance/incentives with real-time data and custom reporting
  • Decrease ER visits and hospitalizations