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Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment (“Relevant Healthcare”) is the trade name of a privately held company known as Contain Holdings, LLC:  a certified Minority Business Enterprise and Union Member organization located in Chicago, IL.  Relevant Healthcare focuses on high cost areas of Employee Healthcare and Pharmacy benefits, along with a focus on various challenging and costly disease states such as Dialysis and Diabetes.

Relevant also offers programs to combat fraud, waste and abuse as well as claims auditing and analysis services focusing on the complexities of our healthcare and pharmaceutical systems’ contracting, billing, coding and reimbursement processes.  Our services benefit self-funded employers, Union Funds or Municipalities seeking to control healthcare costs, Third Party Administrators looking to bring more value to their employer clients, as well as Carriers, Medicaid Plans and MGUs looking to reduce risk.

Our programs offer payers of all types the ability to significantly lower costs without adding to the expense budget, nor decreasing the level of benefits provided to members.

Our Services

We offer medical bill review/audit, dialysis claims settlement, oncology claims settlement, radiology benefit management, and pharmacy benefit management services.

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